JSW Neosteel

JSW Neosteel TMT Bars

Our Neosteel TMT bars are made of pure steel, which gives them enhanced strength and durability. Their best-in-class rib pattern and highest AR value make them bond best with cement. Moreover, they’re easily weldable and bendable, anti-corrosive, have a higher fatigue capacity, and are eco-friendly. It’s no wonder, therefore, that Neosteel has been a part of esteemed projects like the Bengaluru and Chennai Metros, Jaypee’s Yamuna Expressway, Delhi and Mumbai International Airports, to name just a few..

JSW Neosteel 500 D

Premium High strength TMT re-bars with the best UTS/YS ratio resulting in highly ductile performance of the bars. This allows for highest percentage elongation of bars under service loads thereby making them suitable for construction in areas prone to high seismic activity

JSW Neosteel 600

Ultra premium & ultra high strength TMT re-bars. Typically used in construction of high rise structures, structures subjected to high service loads, heavy duty infrastructure projects and in cases where the maximum area of reinforcement steel is to be reduced