JSW Colouron Plus

JSW Colouron+

JSW Colouron is an excellent and innovative mix of colour and durability. Made using the best technology from Japan, USA and Italy, our weather-resistant and corrosion-proof roofs stay strong and weather well. And are perfect for homes and office spaces built with an eye on the long term.

Our Colouron+ colour-coated sheets come with many good things that give them durability, quality and strength. To begin with, they are made from pure and uniformly consistent steel. Their inbuilt Anti–Corrosion Technology makes them weather-proof, and their superior paint technology protects them even more by preventing the paint from cracking and peeling.Their organic polythene film protects them from damage during transit. And if that wasn’t enough, we put them more than 20 stringent quality tests even before they leave the factory. Their lightweight, high-strength combination requires a lighter supporting structure, and they are virtually maintenance-free. That’s many good things in one, isn’t it?